5 Irons Don't Float: Dealing with Anger on the Golf Course

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Binding: Kindle Edition

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Number Of Pages: 25

Release Date: 21-01-2016

Details: Golf is a very hard game to play..."der" everyone knows that. It's also a very technical game and it produces more than its fair share of temper tantrums, self-abuse, expletives and a vast array of emotions.

These things can dramatically impact of your game and ultimately your score.

So, how do you deal with it?

5 Irons Don't Float is written from a golfer's perspective and looks at the more common elements of anger that severely interfere with the game. If you abuse yourself during play, yell, scream, swear like a trooper, throw clubs or allow emotion to spiral out of control, then how can you possibly play well?

And, it's a habit...you let this happen, perhaps unknowingly but it was your choice to be a grumpy player.

Andrew Dunkley is a journalist with 34 years experience. He's also played golf for over 40 years as an amateur. He 's spent years studying the non-physical aspects of golf and while not a pro golfer or a psychologist, he has interviewed sports doctors and elite sports people about how they choose to think and how they deal with anger. Many of those insights are contained in 5 Irons Don't Float.

If you agree you have a problem and you want to do something about it AND, more importantly, want to enjoy the game you love, then this book is for you.

Best of all, it's a short read. It's not designed to be a novel or sit there for weeks gathering dust. It's designed to be a quick reference point and perhaps giving some direction or revealing something you may not have considered.

It's totally up to you of course but it might just be the catalyst for a very positive change in your game, so go for it. It won't break the bank but it might break some bad habits.

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